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Updated: 03-09-2020
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About Us
Welcome to SoulShine Maine Coons! We’re very happy you found us. Please browse our site and if you have any questions please text or call (919) 729-4352.
My name is Melissa and I live in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina. My cats are and always have been huge part of my life! I had my 1st Maine Coon mix when I was 12. After Buddy passed I’ve never had any other breed grace my life. I’m hooked and in love with the Maine Coon breed as a whole!
SoulShine is not just a small CFA and TICA registered cattery, but also the place I call home.  Here they climb several different cat trees, sleep in places of comfort, and roam free; the whole house is their play ground. They sleep with me in the bed at night. I breed European lines.
My emphasis is on excellent heath, temperament, nutrition, healthy environment and conformation. I spend time handling every kitten and provide them with social life they need. Each kitten will be examined by a licensed veterinarian. Your Maine Coon will have their first shots and de-worming, and be litter box trained.  All of our breeding adult cats have been DNA tested by NC State for HCM, also, use Optimal Selection for all our other DNA testing results. We do yearly ekg/echos on hearts to ensure our Maine Coons are as clear of HCM as can be. Our males will be screened for HD via x-ray, or ultrasound. You will receive copies of testing with your kittens packet. This insures your Maine Coon kitten will come to you ready to give a lifetime of love.
We are a “Closed Cattery” this means we do not allow visitors to our cattery, and only work with a few select breeders. I have listed some of the reasons below.
We DO NOT have fleas here. All of my cats are on preventative medications. Many people can carry diseases in on their clothes and shoes. I do not want take chances to put my newborn kittens who have not mature immunity at risk. We take very good care of the kittens and put their health at the top of our priority list.
We post many pictures and information online for you to see without having to possibly infect our cattery.  Your veterinarian will appreciate the fact we are a closed cattery too. It makes for a much healthier kitten.
After the kittens have been acclimated we will allow the new owners to come for a visit in the kitten area of our house.
All our Maine Coon Kittens comes with Shots, vet exams, blood workup, fecal, spayed or neutered, microchiped and health certificate from our veterinarian. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We are always available.
We offer shipping via United Airlines PetSafe for the price of ticket plus $225 shipping cost.
Health – All our Maine Coons will undergo a strict health screening. All DNA needs to be negative for any mutation in genes. A PCR is done on every one that enters the house.
Lab Work – Will be seen by a Cardiologist once a year for HCM echos, Hips will be screened for hip dysplasia and graded by OFA.
Socialization – Every one of our babies will be handled only by us from day 1. They will receive tons of love and affection everyday (they are family). They will be a custom to the vacuum, dogs barking and everyday noises. They will eventually meet our kitten charmer Phoenix our blue merle Australian shepherd. He is the most gentle loving dog ever! Most of our cats take to him before they take to other cats. They will be trained to a sisal post for scratching.
When they leave our arms and transfer all the love and dedication to you. They will have a fresh bath, and nails trimmed. Also a copy of Mom and Dads health information along with their own, and a kitten pack with some cute surprises we hope you’ll cherish forever.
To always keep up on health and never cut corners. We want you to enjoy your Maine Coon and not worry about what will pop up later in life.
We work with European lines. Our goal is to bring back the strong markings/patterns you use to see on Maine Coons with that strong European look.
To show everyone of our Maine Coons and achieve at least the Champion title. To stay dedicated to preserving the Maine Coon Breed.